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Cable TV & Media Services packages programming from a variety of sources, including our inhouse produced channels for patients and staff encompassing patient education and staff training. Our on-call patient education channel provides customized health education videos with just a phone call. As part of LLUMC’s Christian philosophy, our television package also includes a number of religious channels to provide inspiration and spiritual healing. We also package a number of radio channels and carefully selected channels from Time-Warner to help provide patients with a home atmosphere during their stay here.

AV Rentals & Setups

Cable TV & Media Services rents equipment such as LCD projectors, projector stands and screens, public address systems (configured to your needs), wired, wireless and tie clip microphones. We can also provide staff to set up and operate the equipment on an hourly basis.


Cable TV & Media Services provides video production services for inhouse promotions, patient education, staff training, OR/surgery shoots, special events, press conferences and employee forums. Our services include bideo taping-single or multi-camera, standard or high definition; editing and post-production; script writing; 4-camera studio access; graphic design and animation; DVD/CD authoring and mass duplication; and audio recording and editing.

Client Purchasing

Cable TV & Media Services is here to assist you with the purchasing of AV equipment, including DVD players, Xbox game consoles, LCD projectors, and AV cart configurations.

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Cable TV Engineering

Cable TV & Media Services consults, designs, installs, maintains, and repairs complex audio visual systems for all LLUMC hospitals, clinics, and departments. Our services include cable TV distribution and campus-wide video solutions; overhead paging system; underground cabling and fiber infrastructure; and installation, maintenance and repair of patient and staff TVs and game consoles; maintenance of multiple satellite dishes / receivers for programming for patient television; maintenance of in room components of the GetWellNetwork; AV support for conference rooms; and AV-related support for construction, seismic and code remodeling projects. Our hospital Cable TV system with over 2,000 viewers combines digital/analog format media from satellite, off air channels, cable network channels, and in house channels.

We are ready to help you with all audio visual systems design and maintenance issues. If you are involved in any project that may involve modification or disruption of any of our systems, be sure to consult with our engineers as early on as possible.

Overhead Paging System

Cable TV & Media Services designs, installs, and maintains the overhead paging system. The overhead paging system is used for paging, announcements, birth notifications, music, and prayers.

Special Projects

Cable TV & Media Services deals with the following special projects: digital signage (design, development, implementation and database management); program licensing, acquisition and aggregation; media encoding (digitizing); playback scheduling; digital library maintenance; media research and development; and media graphic design.


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